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Care 22 provides individuals, businesses, and facilities transportation for ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher passengers. We provide safe and secure transportation to and from nursing homes, rehab care centers, hospitals, and more.

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Orange County's Best Transportation Service

We are proud to be Orange County's premier non-emergency medical transportation provider. We are a family-owned and operated business with vehicles that are equipped with the latest ADA-compliant technology and a team that is trained to ensure the safest and most comfortable transportation for you and your loved ones.
Why Choose Us
• We offer door-through-door service. We can help you out of your home, onto a wheelchair or gurney, and get you to your appointment on time.
• All vehicles are newer models (2022 and up) and have video and GPS monitoring systems.
• Our team of drivers come uniformed and professionally trained and certified.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

  • Doctor’s Appointments

    Unlike public services, we don't just pick you up outside. We assist in getting you out of your home and into the van and to your appointment. If requested, your driver will wait for the entirety of your appointment and take you back home.

  • Gurney Transportation

    Our electric power gurneys make your transport safe and easy. We use slide boards and carry sheets to transfer your from your bed to the gurney and our vans are specially customized for gurney transport.

  • Patient Sensitivity

    Our drivers are friendly, patient, and professional. They are certified in first aid CPR, passenger assistance, patient sensitivity, and defensive driving.

  • Latest Vehicles and Equipment

    All our vehicles are newer models (2022 and up) and customized with the latest BraunMobility technology. They are also equipped with video monitoring, speed and harsh maneuvering sensors.

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